Tall Tales with Mr. K
The third-graders at Coyote Run Elementary thought the teacher's lounge is where teachers eat candy out of vending machines, watch TV and play video games. They didn't expect it to be a tropical island where they are kidnapped by pirates, a circus where they learn the flying trapeze, or a crime scene where they solve a jewelry heist.
Taller Tales with Mr. K

Animal Andy

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It’s 1926. Twelve-year-old Millie Johanson and her family have just moved into the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha where her father is a wealthy banker at the new Livestock Exchange Building. She meets Fronie Maude, whose mother is a cook at the hotel and whose father works in the stockyards. The girls bond over their secret dessert discovery—butter brickle ice cream. But when Millie’s mother forbids the friendship and threatens to move out of the hotel if Millie sees Fronie again, she must decide what’s more important—pleasing her mother or her friendship with Fronie.

The mysterious Mr. K has a new third grade class at Coyote Run, and they’ve heard the rumors about what goes on in the teacher’s lounge. But when their first day of school isn’t what they expect, they demand to see some magic. As each student faces problems at school, they embark on outrageous adventures with Mr. K. From secret spy missions to missions in outer space, Mr. K doesn’t disappoint.
Ten-year-old Andy Ohman is spending his summer working at the Aksarben City Zoo where his dad is curator. There are rumors that the city might close the zoo due to budget cuts. An anonymous donor has given the zoo an antique animal carousel, and Andy’s dad is hopeful it will help boost attendance. Andy’s doubtful that an old kiddie ride will make a difference. He doesn’t see what’s so special about it. But when he takes it for a spin, he unlocks the magic that will help save the zoo.
Twelve-year-old Dylan Fisher is a treasure hunter, and the creek behind his house has plenty of it. He hits the jackpot when he finds a geocache containing a cool crystal rock, and he meets the new girl next door. Both seem special, but both have a secret. When a corrupt eco-company steals the crystal and puts his new friend in danger, Dylan finds himself in the middle of a rescue mission. Through geocaching, he must solve encrypted codes, secure the crystal, and protect the girl, but it means facing his fear of natural disasters and putting his own life at risk. 
Dylan Fisher continues his geocaching quest to find the next powerful elemental crystal. But he can only do it with the help of a mysterious online ally--Mile High. Tera's safety is still at risk, but he must rely on the secret cache keeper in order to get his hands on the crystal and out of the hands of the enemy--4E Labs. But after another natural disaster and a near fatal car crash, and questions about whom to truly trust, Dylan isn't sure he or any of his friends are safe anymore.
Geocaching genius Dylan Fisher and his three best friends vacation over the holidays in California. By solving a series of puzzles caches and complicated codes, they discover a third elemental crystal—and its catalyst. But this time the crystal’s power is even more unique and dangerous. Suspicious that someone close to them is secretly working for 4E Labs, Dylan is determined to find out the truth. Unfortunately disaster strikes, and one of Dylan’s best friends risks losing their life unless he can harness the crystal’s power. He must expose his biggest secret to the ones who might turn out to be the enemy in order to save his friends.
With three of the four elemental crystals found, the pressure is on for Dylan Fisher to locate the final crystal. His geocaching skills kick into overdrive, but the stakes—and danger—are higher than ever before. Desperate not to let his friends down, Dylan goes straight to the enemy for answers: 4E Labs. His quest reveals not only the fourth crystal and its catalyst, but the truth about who has been putting his friends at risk. When all of the catalysts are captured, Dylan must use his survival skills in order to save their lives and defeat the enemy once and for all.